Meet Us



We met online. Ten years ago. On a website we are a little embarrassed to mention. But we clicked. Because Scott is cheesy like that and Liz laughs every time.

Fast-forward a decade and we are happily married, proud City of Atlanta residents, living our dream of working together, being each others boss & best friend, all while raising our firecracker of a daughter, Lucy.

It’s been a long and incredibly fun road getting here… we’ve shot hundreds of weddings since starting this business, but more than that we’ve bonded with each & every couple along the way. For us, it’s not just about pointing a camera lens at a bride & groom. It’s about making real connections with our couples, trusting each other, letting go, having fun, and out of that amazing photos always develop.

We approach each wedding hand in hand, with a smile, a plan, & a little bit of spontaneity. We often find our inspirations in the most unlikely places. We are always a team and “click” more than ever.

With our years of experience, we come prepared. We know you’ve been dreaming of this day for a long time and we’re going to document it beautifully.